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CLOSEST TO NOTHING   Inspired by Japan’s delicately-thin Sakura petals, we’ve managed to create our thinnest condom yet.At half the thickness of normal latex condoms, our polyurethane condoms are so thin you might not even realise it’s there. What’s more, they transmit heat better than regular latex condoms and that makes everything feel more natural. But being thin doesn’t make...

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THE KING OF THE RING  Godzilla may be King of the Monsters but when it comes to condoms we’ve got our own king. Okamoto Crown has been voted “World’s Best Condom” for 10 years running by and justifiably so. These pink-tinted condoms provide that “bareback” feeling while being super strong and safe. And why not? They’ve been tried and...

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PEAK PERFORMANCE  In Japanese culture, nothing is more important than efficiency and performance. With that in mind, we’ve created the first of our 003 range – the Okamoto 003 Platinum. This condom sets the benchmark for the rest in its category.At only half the thickness of normal latex condoms, it also unrolls smoother. Coupled with the fact that it has...

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WET AND WILD  For years, Japanese women have been known for their smooth, flawless skin. With Okamoto 003 Aloe and its water-based lubricant, we take the notion of smooth to another level. It’s less messy, less sticky and washes off easy – leaving no residue whatsoever.It is enriched with natural Aloe essence that prevents irritation and maintains moisture while you’re...

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A NATURAL FIT  Geishas are able to adapt to the whims of each individual. And Okamoto 003 Real Fit condoms are no different.They are contoured to hug your curves for a closer, more natural fit. They roll on easy and don’t have any of that annoying rubber smell. So you stay on top of your game in the most natural...

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MORE MOISTURE MORE PLEASURE  Coated with Hyaluronan, it enhances the sexual experience with more moisture and pleasure effect.Enjoy the experience with the added moisturizing sensation. Not to mention it nourishes your partner too. Love-making session is not going to be the same with the deep moisturizing and skin like feel experience. Detailed Specs Color Natural Shape Reservoir-ended Nominal Width 52...