003 Series

Discover a new level of intimacy with Okamoto 003 Series.
The Japanese-made latex condoms are odorless with none of the annoying latex smell.

Choose from a diverse range of condom options, from close fit contour to hydrating
water-based Aloe & Hyaluronic Acid lubricants, or even cool, tingling Menthol sensation.

Okamoto's 003 condoms redefines satisfaction, making them the preferred choice
for those who prioritize both pleasure and protection in their intimate moments.

003 Aloe 10s

SGD $19.05

003 Aloe 4s

SGD $8.90

003 Cool 10s

SGD $19.05

003 Hyaluronic Acid 10s

SGD $19.05

003 Hyaluronic Acid 4s

SGD $9.60

003 Platinum 10s

SGD $16.75

003 Platinum 4s

SGD $7.80

003 Real Fit 10s

SGD $18.65

003 Real Fit 4s

SGD $8.90