Your Workout Guide To Being Sexy (In Bed)

on March 14, 2018

Of course, all of us know that exercise is important for our health and wellbeing. But whether you’re out on the prowl for a chick, or want to keep the missus happy, being in top shape and being able to “go the distance” so to speak, make a man that much sexier and desirable.

According to the holy grail of the internets, the ideal male body has the Golden Ratio of broad shoulders, narrow waist, strong legs. But let’s face it, not all of us were born Adonis. The good news is, she doesn’t need to eat pizza off your six-pack in order to be swooning! Just focus on your strengths and make them amazing!

Here are some key exercises that will make you feel confident and on fire in bed, and are sure to give your woman something to remember!

Work That Ass

One of the body parts of men the ladies are always checking out just so happens to be when you turn around. It’s your butt! Men aren’t the only species on this earth who love butts. Women aren’t too shy to express their profound adoration for your gluteus maximus muscle. Unfortunately men tend to neglect this all-important muscle. If you love watching your woman do squats in the gym, now’s the time to join in! Squats and lunges, especially with a barbell, can go a long way towards working your glutes. And if you’ve ever laughed at kettlebell workouts, shame on you! One of the most explosive and effective butt exercises for men comes through kettlebell swings. You’ll also want to start adding more bridges and pelvic lifts to your tone up programme to get that butt of her dreams you know she’ll be grabbing when you’re doing the nasty.

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Work That Forearm

We couldn’t even begin to count the number of ways men’s arms are important to a woman. It’s their safety zone, where they feel loved and know they will be protected from harm. But gym rats are tending to focus on their chest and abs, and forget their arms. Yes, we’re talking forearms. Don’t think that women aren’t looking when you roll up your shirt sleeves. Because you know who has forearms? Captain America. And Thor. Let’s face it guys, we don’t have the forearms our forefathers used to have. We spend more time in meetings today than those men used to hauling goods or working in construction – and naturally forming a nice beefy pair of forearms at work. The funny thing about building forearms is you don’t even have to go to a gym. Forearm strength is grip strength, which you can train almost anywhere – even by squeezing a tennis ball in that next boring meeting. But farmer’s carries – this exercise is almost perfectly made for the modern man. You just have to find something heavy enough with handles to carry on each side, and walk around with them until you can’t do it anymore. Ahem, a great time to work out AND show off after a grocery shopping session!

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Work That Voice

Believe it or not, not everything is about the way you look. A sexy, seductive voice can make women weak at the knees and dying to hear their name called out by you. Well, you might think you already sound pretty good, but what you hear and what everyone else hears is actually very different. So start practicing your seductive sounds by recording yourself on your phone. Two basic tips: Good straight posture and relaxed breathing (not the fast-paced breathing you do all day at work; you need to get into the habit of breathing more fully and deeply). Learning how to create warmth and resonance in your voice also helps create an air of rugged masculinity about you, rather than a weak, squeaky voice that turns women off. One great trick: Dial down the tempo during flirtatious and sexy talk. More pauses creates sexual tension. If you ever (have to) watch chick flicks with your girl, now’s the perfect time to pay attention to how those dudes do all that romantic love talking. Hey if you can’t exactly look like Channing Tatum, you could at least flirt like him, right?

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Work That Sex Muscle

If hearing the phrase “Kegel exercises” makes you giggle inside, it’s time to man up and take it seriously! Kegel exercises – when you hold in your pee or fart (you know, when you need to be gentlemanly!) – can actually strengthen the muscles that control your penis and increase blood flow in the area, thus powering you to maintain an erection. To check that you’re doing it right, stand naked in front of a mirror and isolate those muscles to make your member move up and down. If you’re doing it right, you could even lift a towel up, hands free! Start doing Kegels 10 times per session, 3 sessions a day, holding for 5-10 seconds per time, and you’ll be able to train your member to “go the extra mile” for your lady!

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