Know Your Condom/Personality Type

on May 17, 2018

Personality quizzes are aplenty on the internet, be it in the form of repetitive quizzes, trivia questions or even horoscopes. At Okamoto, we too have our own way of divining your personality type, based on your “helmet” choice in the bedroom.


Okamoto Big Boy

For the guys who find skinny jeans ill-fitting, you’re all about wearing your big boy pants. You’re not afraid of being flashy and you’d rather go big (pun fully intended) or go home. If your ego matches the size of your tool, you’d naturally gravitate towards picking 2 or more packs at one go of this guy here.

Okamoto Crown

Crown has been voted “World’s Best Condom” by for the 15th year in a row now, and it’s no surprise. For the many who choose this, you see yourselves as the king in the bed along with your prized queen. You only want the best things in life and make no mistake, these pink-tinted and super thin condoms provide that “bareback” feeling while being super strong and safe. Strap your arms across your chest and yell “Wakanda forever!” as you grandly enter the bedroom.

Okamoto Harmony Vibra Ribbed

The best things in life are ribbed. Period. You’re constantly looking to explore new territories when pleasuring your partner, even if they think they are happy with the status quo. You’re also unafraid to say, “hey, maybe the angle of my dangle doesn’t make her tingle.” Why else to continue using a condom with rows of stimulating ribs and contours?

Okamoto Roman Rose

Ah yes, the knights in shining armor, the nice guy who saves damsels in distress, the nerd who puts on his superhero suit to save the world and hopefully gets to be with his crush. As hopeless romantics, you were brought up to believe that to get the girl, you have to get her flowers.

Okamoto Sensation

Always on the lighter side of life, you crave doing things that are fun and sensational. You can be smoking hookah at one moment and dancing in the rain next. You’ll never run out of fun ideas to engage with your partner, especially in the bedroom. What else can we say? It’s sheer pleasure all around.


As people we have complex and different personalities and we rarely find ourselves confined to one single type. Perhaps on most days we might feel adventurous and bold but others, we just want to be that sweet romantic guy. That is why we understand the need and excitement of experimenting different “helmet” types and how important it is to always stock up on varieties to suit her preference. Go on an exploration this month (May’18) as we throw in a small pack free for any big pack you purchase*.

*only valid with OK Series and till 31 May’18 (SGT).