How Does Horoscope Affect Our Sex Lives?

on December 06, 2018  in bringokamotooisforokamoto


 Some people believe in horoscopes, others don’t. Regardless, it’s always good to keep an open mind when trying to divine insights into one’s life, whichever facet it maybe. For us, the first thing that comes to mind is of course, how does one’s horoscope play a part in our sex lives? Who knows, maybe looking to the stars could help us glean more than what meets the eye.



Straight-forward and adventurous, Aries aren’t the kind to get caught up in emotional drama and games. With a preference for getting to the point, they enjoy the chase and sexual conquests; being pursued just doesn’t cut it for them. This is not to say they aren’t romantic, but they lean more towards a desire for fiery passions.



Taurus are one of the most sensual types in the zodiac signs. Taking their time to explore their partners are something they find truly enjoyable, and they rely highly on their sense of touch to derive pleasure. The chase isn’t something they find necessarily enticing, but when they do find a compatible partner, they will develop an unbridled passion and desire to please whoever they are with.



Geminis are known to be highly vocal, which means verbal foreplay is key in the bedroom. Being naturally gifted with the gab, they tend to enjoy talking dirty and letting their imaginations run wild, eventually wanting to enact it out. To them, vanilla is a boring flavour and they find satisfaction trying different things out.



Cancerians are ruled by emotion, being highly intuitive in nature. To them, emotional proximity is a great sign to determine sexual compatibility; feeling a sense of security and comfort will ultimately lead to their willingness to open themselves up to their partners.  Taking the time to develop a bond will definitely bode well for a relationship in and out of the bedroom.



To be a Leo is to be ruled by one’s passions; charm and charisma are major players in the game for them. If they can find chemistry with one other, they aren’t afraid to pursue their wants, showcasing parts of their generosity and creativity in the process. Singing words of praise to them will fan the flames of their passions, and they will reward their partners with even more affection.



True to the nature of their sign, Virgos are down-to-earth and appreciate security over the element of surprise. Though seemingly disinterested at first, once they find common ground with someone, be prepared to see him/her in a whole new light in the bedroom. Big on pleasing others while maintaining appearances, a key to a Virgo’s heart and body is patience and care.



Libras are innately balanced individuals, with a penchant to enjoy refined aesthetics, be it the arts, music, fashion, food. Crude behaviour and speech are a big no-no, but witty banter and flirtatious repartee gets their engines running like a well-oiled machine. Plenty of ambience, scented candles, seductive foods and the likes will only serve to improve one’s impression to a Virgo’s discerning eyes.



Scorpios are renowned for being exceptionally tuned to their sexual energies, especially when they are highly involved in a relationship. Casual affairs are of no interest to them, as they will need to feel intensely for someone in order to comfortably explore their desires and kinks. Once that is established, Scorpios will hold little back in the bedroom, preferring to be as open as possible.



Fortune favors the bold, and Sagittarius are very much so. Born wanderers and explorers, they have a natural affinity to being charming and flirtatious, but they do get bored easily and they thrive on spontaneity. Free-spirited as easy-going, expect tons of fun and experimentation with them.



Capricorns embody the phrase, “angel in the streets, devil in the sheets” perfectly. Well mostly reserved and mild-mannered in nature, they truly display their affections in full when they have complete privacy with their partners. Striking a balance between pleasing and being pleased is something they resonate with very well too.



Being conservative doesn’t cut it with Aquarians; casual, fun, light-hearted relationships are where they thrive. Though they make loyal partners, sex to them can lack emotion, which works well in their favour. But if anything, you can always count on them to be inventive and spontaneous.



Pisces people play to their strengths very well, and they do so with charm and romance. Though sexually in tune with themselves, they value a strong emotional connection over a physical one. However, when they are able to find a suitable partner is when they truly show how imaginative and attractive they can be.