Tips To making Safe Sex Fun and Thrilling

on October 01, 2017

The safer the sex, the better it’ll be, and if you’re going to live it up, you might as well do so in the best way possible. There are many safe sex rules that everyone knows; always wear a condom, know your partner, and the list goes on. However, some of these things can actually take away the amount of fun and pleasure you experience in between the sheets. Fortunately, you don’t have to jeopardize your health just for an optimal experience in the bedroom.  We have all of the sex secrets that will bring safe sex into your bedroom that is just as thrilling as it is fulfilling.

Bring Your Own Fun

It’s easy to assume that “the other person” will have what you need; condoms, lube and all that good stuff, but this isn’t always the case. There’s nothing worse than going home with a girl, only to find out that she is not prepared for safe sex. You either end up having unprotected sex, or no sex at all, which is just never ideal. So, be prepared and have your own pack of thin condoms with you at all times. Store them in your wallet, in your pocket, car – wherever – just have them. Always be prepared; #bringokamoto.

The Thinner the Condom, The Better

Excitement is very rarely associated with condoms. There are plenty of people who prefer to risk their health, just because they think condoms interrupt their level of intimacy, pleasure and feeling. Fortunately, you don’t have to jeopardize anything when it comes to fun in between the sheets – not your pleasure, health, sensation – nothing at all. You just have to be smart about your condom choices. Generally, people think regular latex condoms are thick and also leave a gross smell afterwards, hence they prefer to not use any condom.

Instead, consider 0.02 Hyrdo Polyurethane condoms which have half the thickness of the regular condoms you likely despise, and the best part is they are non-latex. Thin, no gross smell, protected and optimal intimacy.

Post Sex Bathroom Break

Safe sex doesn’t only pertain to prior and during the actual deed, and what you do afterwards is just as important. As a rule of thumb, it’s always recommended to go to the bathroom after sex. This is especially true for women, but it wouldn’t hurt for men to get into this habit either. With all of the friction, sweat, bodily fluids, lubricants, bed sheets, tossing, groping and grabbing that comes with sex, there’s a higher chance of bacteria getting into your body. So, going to the bathroom post a bedroom romp can help clear out your system.

You may also want to consider jumping in the shower or at the very least, using an intimate wipe to clean up your nether regions. It’s always good to clean up after you get dirty, and it can help keep your body free of infection, discomfort, irritation and other undesirable symptoms.

Set Limitations on your Partying

It would be completely unrealistic to avoid partying altogether. After all, you’re a guy looking to live it up. However, it is reasonable to say that you should party responsibly, and the key to doing so is to know your limit. Say no to drugs, avoid brands of alcohol you know don’t mix well with you, and drink with a group of guys you can trust. With too much in your system, your mind can quickly make all kinds of decisions that your sober self wouldn’t. And you will want to wake up remembering how great last night went, wouldn’t you? Imagine getting so drunk that you can’t recall any of the thrills, where would the fun be? So keep yourself safe, sex enjoyably and continue to live it up by setting limitations on your partying. 

Safe sex starts with condoms. Make sure the brand you wear feels as great as it is safe! Thin condoms feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. So, live it up today - in and outside of the bedroom with Okamoto condoms.