Slip In A Cool Breeze Between The Sheets

on March 29, 2017

‘Cool’ isn’t a term that’s easy to describe. It can mean different things to different people. Just because one guy thinks it’s “cool” to hook up with a sexy girl he just met despite forgetting his condoms doesn’t necessarily make him or his actions cool at all.  What he thinks is cool, other people think is completely stupid. So, what is cool?

There are some things that are unmistakably cool, and we’ve got the scoop!


Cool is being responsible for your own actions

The easiest way to be cool is to learn what isn’t cool, and blaming everyone else is at the top of the list. People make mistakes every day, but the shocking thing is that most people refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. As a result, they make excuses for their mistakes, or blame others, and that, my friends, is not cool.

Cool people accept their faults and they deal with them. Sure, their actions that caused them to make a mistake may not be cool, but their actions that follow count. So, if you choose to forget your cool condoms (that come with a fresh menthol breeze) yet still hookup (not cool), you better be prepared to deal with whatever situation follows. Or just don’t forget your condoms. Period.


Cool is knowing more than missionary

Cool is knowing more than just the missionary position. While there’s nothing wrong with this regular, standard position – and it’s even a favourite for many people – cool is knowing more. The surprising thing is that knowing more sex positions doesn’t make you cooler because you’ll be better in the sack. It makes you cool because it shows that you’re ready and eager to take you and your partner’s pleasure to entirely new levels. Knowing more than missionary is cool because it shows that you’re willing to be vulnerable and try new things. In other words, this kind of coolness is the kind that the ladies love.

So of course, if you know how to tear up a sex swing or channel your inner Christian Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey series, you’re hella cool.


Cool is being confident in who you are and what you want

You can be the best or the worst person out there, but if you have confidence, you’ll be cool. Of course, you probably want to be the positive kind-of-cool instead of the latter, but either way, confidence always wins.

Confidence is cool because it tells everyone you pass that you’re comfortable with who you are. You’re on a path towards what you want and you know exactly what that is. You are unashamed of your past, your mistakes, your flaws or really, anything at all because all of those things have made you who you are today. And that is cool.


Cool is knowing where the excitement is going down

Being cool is knowing what you like and don’t like. It’s knowing how you want to spend your free time, where and with who. Whatever it is, you have something you like to do; you have a hobby or activity that gets you excited. It doesn’t have to a massive party in the center of the city, or nights filled with fireball shots and gorgeous babes at a local pub, (although, no one’s complaining with an agenda like that). Your hobby could be gaming, reading, dancing, hiking, or really, anything. If you do something with your life, you’re instantly in the cool clique.

Being cool isn’t about the brands you wear, the stores you shop at or even the possessions you own. It’s about what you know, who you are and what you do with your life. So, forget about being ‘cool like a cucumber’. Be cool the Okamoto way, and enjoy a menthol breeze in between the sheets. The rest will follow suit.

#bringokamoto and #liveitup