Okamoto 003 Cool Party At Neverland Club

on June 27, 2017

It’s Party Time with Okamoto again! The night’s still young and what better way to celebrate the long weekend by heading to our 003 COOL party at Neverland! Be dazzled by the singers and dancers in their outlandish costumes and choreographed acts, backed by the high-technology stage lights and sound system. 

Get the party started with the latest hits and dance your night away!

Check out our stunning display of our newest condom the 003 COOL greeting the party-goers right at the entrance of the club. This is the latest product added to our flagship 003 range; it has menthol lubricant applied on both the interior and exterior of the condom. PLAY IT COOL.

Where’s the fun without our Okamoto Girls? This time round we had them in sexy nighties. Get ready to party with them! From left to right: Lulu, Chanel, Rachel, Debi

Time for games! Guys just love games, don’t they? With tradition, they got to pick a dare from inflated condoms but this time, new dares were added to up the fun! And the most popular dare was to do a really cool dab pose with a friend. Our Okamoto girls found it #Swag.

It was so cool that everyone hoped they picked this dare!

Next up, we picked one of the sporty daredevils and turned out he got one of our naughty dares!

While most guys would shun the idea of getting their neck cuffed up, this guy here was being such a great sport by agreeing to do it. Look at that cheeky smile! We bet he enjoyed his dare as much as our Okamoto Girl!

We knew our guests were eager to grab this chance to take photos with our sexy Okamoto Girls. Check out the cool photos below and we shall let them do the talking!

We had fun and were glad everyone was such great sport in the games! All participants got to bring home our exclusive Okamoto coaster for some sexy time as a token of appreciation! HINT: it’s not your ordinary coaster. Special thanks to Club Neverland for hosting us and their great entertainment.

Be sure to catch us next time, Okamoto Out!