Okamoto Partners Kinki Bar: Kinkilicious

on March 10, 2017

Earlier in February this year, Okamoto partnered with Kinki Bar and hosted the highly anticipated Valentine's Day event, Okamoto x Kinkilicious right in the heart of Singapore, Collyer Quay.

Check out the amazing view! We got to witness fireworks too! 



What better way to start the new year than to get cosy at an urban rooftop bar as you relax with some tasty bar bites and flavourful spirits. Okamoto knows what you party folks like. No party can ever go wrong when you have Old School Hip Hop coupled with our OH-SO-SEXY Okamoto Girls. 




The bar was decked out with Okamoto memorabilia; most namely our Okamoto Rose centrepiece.




Feeling kinkilicious yet? Yeah, I thought so. Check out all the fun our guests and Okamoto Girls had at the event! Yup, you guessed it, lots of kinky games and romance was definitely in the air.

Check out our Okamoto Girls on their mission below. From left to right, Lulu, Chloe, Tini and Mitchy.



As colourful neon lights flashed around, our girls were busy entertaining guests with games and spreading the Okamoto Spirit around.

Round 1! Let's go; now PICK YOUR DARE! In this game, participants had to draw a dare from a glass bottle and only the brave will survive!




Even the ladies weren't spared!


And of course, we rewarded these brave souls. Participants got to walk away with a free condom and bottle of beer!


Check out Mr Asian Michael Jackson below. He sure takes his dares seriously.




Now, this is the perfect game for a romantic night out. As you've guessed, this game requires two to play. Both people start nibbling their end of the Pocky stick till both pairs of lips meet. In order to win this game, you can't let go of your end of the stick NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, (*chuckles*), even if it means kissing the other player. You better hope it's your crush you're playing with.




Although they don't get a beer, our losers didn't walk away empty-handed. They got to draw condoms from our condom box too.


Okay, read on as Lulu hands over the Pocky stick to our next pair of players. I hope they like each other!



Wait for it, wait for it....


And YES! We got ourselves a winning couple! MUAH! Alright, these two lovebirds deserve a bottle of beer each and some condoms for ... *ahem* ... some sexy time.


*Ding Ding*! It's time for our final game of the night!

Game 3: The “HER-SAY” KISSES

This game will test how much the players trust our Okamoto Girls. Players had to guess whether our Okamoto Girls and their "her-says" were true. So our Okamoto Girl shouts out a number (supposedly the total number of Hershey's Kisses in a glass container) and the players had to choose if they believed our Okamoto Girl or not. If a player guessed it right, he or she wins!




You gotta believe our Okamoto Girls...because their lips don't lie! Hear, hear! 



Our players having a tough time deciphering the TRUTH. Hmmm...


And for anyone who enjoyed our hospitality and kinky games, they are most welcome to sign up as Okamoto members too. And just like the Japanese, we like to go the extra mile at Okamoto. All new members walked away with special goodies! Guys got to snatch up a stylish name card holder while females pocketed a mini-vibrator thanks to our sponsor, Horny.sg.

What more? All new members get 30% off their first online purchase with us, updates on latest events and promotions and other perks! Want to join us and Live It Up? Kindly register here, it's free! 

Everyone had fun and we managed to collect many new sign-ups as well! Much appreciation to Kinki Bar for their collaboration and Horny.sg for their generous sponsorship. For more event pictures, please click here. 

Till the next time, Okamoto Out!