Okamoto Darts Night (feat. Cute Girls)

on January 30, 2018

It’s 2018 and we thought what Cool way to kickstart the year with a brand-new Okamoto event! This time, we brought our Okamoto Girls to unknown territory - the massive field of darts. Yes, you’ve heard that right. It was our first ever Okamoto Darts Night, hosted by the good people at iDarts Fame, SAFRA Mt Faber.

It was a night full of fun and laughter for experienced darters and beginners alike. iDarts’ emcee, Edwin began the evening with a brief introduction to dart-playing followed by team allocation with Okamoto Girls as team leaders.


Participants got acquainted with their leaders and proceeded with ice breaker game – Flip-the-cup contest! The rule is simple, each person must finish their drink on the table and flip the cup from the edge of the table twice. The cup must be standing for it to count and the next member repeats the process. First team to do all that wins the game!

The boys faced immense difficulties in trying to flip the cup to stand (pun intended) after guzzling down some water. Perhaps they needed booze. Needless to say, it was an easy victory for Okamoto Girls.

 Big Bull Challenge

With icebreaking games out of the way, it was time to play “Big Bull Challenge”, where the bullseye ring was bigger in radius. This little challenge was meant as a warm-up so even the novices could easily score for their teams. But then you might ask, “so what’s the challenge for the experienced players?” Of course, the game host increased the challenge by making it a timed match. The highest scoring team needed to be the fastest too!

Only 2 teams out of the total of 8 would proceed to the final match and the difficulty bar was raised. Representatives from the 2 leading teams would have to throw darts with their dominant hands tied to their team leader’s hand too! According to the players, this is really something refreshing even for the experienced players.

Presenting the winners for the Big Bull challenge, team Hydro 2!


Single Knock Out (SKO) Challenge

The night was still young, and everyone was hyped to play more darts. We were gearing up for the main competition of the night, when participants took some photo opportunities with the ever-fabulous Okamoto Girls.

Soon, it was time to get serious. With a total of 8 teams competing in the SKO, it was all darters for themselves. Each Okamoto girl led two teams that played against each other, resulting in the best team for the leader. Subsequently, these 4 teams competed against each other in the semifinals and eventually the best 2 teams met in the finals.


Everyone had such a blast and we were stoked that our first Okamoto’s Darts Night turned out to be a huge success. Check out more pictures here.

Also worth mentioning, our venue sponsor was kind enough to extend a 10% off total bill (without any minimum spend) to everyone who LIKES & FOLLOWS both iDarts Fame and Okamoto Global facebook pages. Simply show the like status on your mobile device to the attendants at iDarts Fame to enjoy! Valid from now till 28 Feb 2018. Till we meet again at our next event!