Meet & Greet with Toma Sensei At Sentosa

on April 03, 2017

Remember our resident Love Guru, Toma Sensei? Yup, we miss him too! So this time round, we are going to do a throwback post detailing our epic Meet & Greet session with Toma Sensei in May last year.

The event took place at Wavehouse Sentosa and was extremely well received. Everyone was excited to meet Toma Sensei; hoping that he would shed some light on their love lives and to unravel some secret bedroom tips too...mmm...

But an Okamoto Event is not complete without our sexy and oh-so-sassy Okamoto Girls! However, this time round, our Okamoto Girls are tasked with a very important role. They are Toma Sensei's trusty students. They have learnt many valuable love lessons from Toma Sensei; and alongside Toma Sensei, they will help spread bedroom tips to help keep a relationship alive. 

Meet Toma Sensei and his beautiful Student Leaders, who happen to be our Okamoto Girls as well! From left to right: Tini, Siti, Toma Sensei, Ingelica and Lu Lu!

Unravelling Toma Sensei's secrets to love is not an easy task. One must first be deemed worthy of that privilege. So, our Student Leaders were divided into 2 groups: Team White and Team Green. Each pair of girls had to roam around the vicinity and recruit worthy participants/team members to take part in a competition. 

It's Team White VS Team Green now! Bring it on!

The team who wins will not only be entrusted with Toma Sensei's Secrets to love, each participant of the winning team will also be rewarded with a cup of beer.

Participants were to pick a dare from a bucket. The dare comprises of physical challenges to embarrassing stunts. The team that completes each dare first wins.

1. Physical Challenges
Our Physical Challenges sure tested the stamina and strength of our participants. But if you're a guy, you're also in for a treat then. Why? Because many of our challenges also means having intimate contact with our sexy Okamoto Girls. *wink wink*

As seen in the picture above, Team White and Team Green participants competing head on in a push-up challenge. Each team had to do a designated number of push-ups while being whipped by their Student Leaders. Alright...alright...the whipping was pretty gentle by normal BDSM standards. Either way, our participants didn't mind!


Some of our participants had to carry their Student Leaders on their backs while doing multiple squats too! Not only must those young boys (as seen above) have excellent stamina, they had to ensure that their Student Leaders were safe and not fall.

"Yi-Haw!" Siti having a ball being piggybacked by one of the participants.


And comes the less phsical but cheekier challenges! Bend over backwards and eat a banana, be flexible! The participant that finishes his or her B-A-N-A-N-A wins!


Stuff It In. So as seen above, the person to stuff a brinjal into our Okamoto condom first wins.  


SWING IT - this challenge is not only fun but also tests your aiming accuracy. Participants had to tie a large bottle filled with liquid around their waists, allowing the bottle to dangle between their legs. The contestant will then try to hit a ball with the bottle; if the ball goes through the legs of our Okamoto Girls, then we have ourselves a winner!


CUFF IT - hop around while you're cuffed to your sexy Student Leader? Sign me up! So the contestant and his/her Student Leader who completes the hop first wins. Booze awaits the tired but happy participants after their wins, so I guess it's a win-win situation here.

The challenges were countless, our participants had a ball and so did our Okamoto Girls and Toma Sensei! Want more juicy insights to our event? Check out our photo album.

We had great fun at Wavehouse Sentosa and we hope all our participants did as well. Much appreciation to Club Illusion and Kingdom for their hospitality and collaboration.

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