How To Land The Right Girl On Halloween

on October 27, 2017

Surely this is one of your favourite nights of the year, because women everywhere are dressed to attract attention. Ah Halloween, gotta love it. It’s like a passport to be socially inappropriate and get all touchy touchy. But just because a chick dares to bare doesn’t mean she’s just gonna fall into your bed at the end of the evening. You still have to pull out all the stops and make an effort. But don’t worry. It may be Halloween, but you don’t have to be afraid to try out these tips.

THE Costume

Everyone’s going to be in costumes, duh, so make sure you stand out. Don’t go as Batman. It’s a sad reality, but not everyone can be Batman. Don’t pretend to be Captain America if you don’t have the abs to show in that blue condom of a suit. (If you do have amazing abs, please, by all means go as Magic Mike. The women will thank you.) Don’t be the Joker either, because honestly you should never ever be wearing more lipstick than the ladies. And in the same vein, cross-dressing well on this night will NOT get you laid. Well, at least not with a woman. However, if you cross-dress really badly, like a total failure, you might actually get some laughs amongst the ladies. Anyway, a costume doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Dress like Christian Grey. Pay tribute to Han Solo. Or do something witty like wearing a T-shirt with numbers on it that says “I’m someone you can count on.”

Go to the right parties

Search online for parties happening in bars or the party area of town. You might need to pay a cover charge or entrance fee, but look out for those that include the first few drinks free or even better, an open bar. When you have to pay money, you tend to stay longer at the party to get your worth of drinks and fun. So you can be sure those ladies aren’t running anywhere! (This does not mean you should be creepy and make them want to leave.) A paid event also makes you look NOT like a loser, because you actually have a job and can afford such cool events. Also, Halloween parties aren’t only on 31 October. Many bars and groups organise Halloween parties the entire week long, so make sure you’re not just putting all your sexy eggs into one Halloween basket.

Make use of your costume

If you go as a gallant knight, look out for princesses in need of your rescuing. If you go as a policeman, look out for girls dressed as sexy cops and say you want to take a picture with your “colleagues”. Usually they’d be all excited about taking a wefie and then you can ask for their contact to send them the photo… and then invite them to drink… and talk… and… You can do the rest, right? Let’s just say you might actually make good use of those handcuffs you’re carrying around.

Be somebody else

Say you’re normally a quiet loner dude. Chicks don’t exactly flock to you. You know how to change this? Let’s play pretend. Put on a mask or costume and pretend you are someone else. Pretend you are a high energy, sexy deviant who oozes charm and titillates the ladies. Yes, you can. Studies show that when you put on a mask or costume you are likely to take on a different “persona”. Go on and be somebody else other than your usual self and offer fun to ladies who are looking for it. The thing about a mask too, is that you can create some suspense. Women will wonder what you look like under the mask (hopefully not worse than the monster mask you are wearing) and the way you keep them guessing creates some positive sexual tension.

Watch yourself
You’re nervous and excited, but pace yourself. Otherwise, before you know it, you’ve downed 21 shots and can’t tell your left from your right. You want to end up in her bush, not drunk and wasted in a bush. Also, don’t get into a fight. That’s just immature.

Meet a lot of people

Don’t just settle for the first French maid that comes to dust your equipment. If you have an interactive costume, for example, a vampire, by all means go around pretending to bite the necks of every single woman that catches your fancy. You’ll find one that is more interested in you than getting that selfie with your costume, and then quickly invite her to get out of there. It’s just mathematics. The more people you meet, the higher your chances of getting some. Flirt with a girl for 10 minutes, but if your sexual advances, such as touching her arm or hair, are met with drastic recoils, she’s not “DTF”. Move on. And man up. You’ll face rejections, but just remember that the next one could be the one. And make sure you’re prepared when it happens! Good luck!