Dating 101 For Busy Eligible Bachelors

on November 14, 2017

What’s an eligible bachelor to do when he also happens to be a super busy one?

“It's all work! Ain't got time for dating!”

Does that sound familiar? You might be so busy running from one meeting to the next, and you might even feel more at home at the office. Yet you don’t want to spend that only hour or two you have free on Saturday night getting it on with… Netflix – or always (perhaps worse) downing beers with your army buddies. Oh the horror.

Here are some tips to shove dating firmly into your busy on-the-go schedule. If you truly want some love action in your life, you can do it!


You can’t go on a date without setting aside time for it in your agenda. Make it a bold prioritized item on your ‘To-Do List’. But it doesn’t have to be Saturday night between 7-9pm. Limiting your dates to this day and time can make you feel very boxed in, especially if something else you want to do comes up, or you have a last minute client appointment. Dates don’t have to be the stereotypical dinner-and-something-else-special. Open up your calendar to include lunch dates, coffee dates and after-work drinks on a weekday, or brunch and afternoon tea on a weekend. With this first step you’ve already successfully changed the game.


Many professionals are afraid to set up an online dating profile for themselves because they’re worried about what others might think, especially people they work with, or their bosses! To be frank, if a co-worker or client saw your profile, well, it just means they’re on a site looking for love too, so who’s to judge! If you’re really anxious, just watch how much you reveal on your profile – no drunken pictures of you slapping someone’s butt would be a good start! But online dating is a great avenue because it opens a whole new world for someone pressed for time – you can do it right from your phone. Just as you make time to check your work emails, make a little time to check your inbox for replies or send out some intro messages. But don’t spend all your time texting only and not meeting up with the person you’re interested in. Not only does nothing beat the human touch ;) – but texting back and forth can actually take up way more time than meeting someone for coffee and having a quick exchange!


Minutes. If that’s all you have to find a girl, try speed dating. There are always speed dating events going on in Singapore, so Google away and sign up. Where else can you spare just one night and meet a ton of women at a go, without having to fumble with awkward intros and how to get out of the conversation when you realise you’re actually not interested? And if it’s an event catered specifically for busy professionals, perfect – she will also understand what it’s like to try to date on a crazy hectic schedule!


Once you have the deal in your hands, how do you secure it? Even dropping the lady a text on a Wednesday saying “I’m looking forward to meeting you on Friday!” can do wonders to boost your likability. If you want to go a little bit further, if you know she’s working late one evening, order food delivery to be sent to her office. It’s thoughtful, sweet, and perhaps perfectly in-sync with our Singaporean culture which revolves so much around our yummy local food! Deal sealed!


When you’re actually out on the date, make her everything. When you enter the café or restaurant, make it a point to leave work at the door. Try not to take calls and don’t check your emails while with your date. You can even make it a mutual thing and both put your phones on in the middle on the table. And don’t spend all night talking about career goals and annoying bosses and ongoing projects. For sure, you’re passionate about what you do, and you should definitely share about it – it’s a good feature to have – just don’t let it take centrestage. Always keep in mind to ask her about her interests and her thoughts, and let the conversation drift deeper into meaningful and heartfelt topics, instead of just work.


Perhaps you’ve been so busy with work lately, you’ve not actually had the time to fully enjoy life. Well, if you’re dating a busy chick, she might be having the same problem too. Make the next date something you both have been missing out on. Go to the gym together, run a marathon together, do grocery shopping together, play pool together… If there are a lot of things that you missed doing while work was keeping you busy, try and see if you can include her in the plan – beats doing it by your lonesome! Not only do you get to enjoy both your favourite activities, you also get to see what common interests you share and how well you fit into each other’s lives – especially useful if you’re hoping it might lead to a relationship. And if that hike together turns into something even more hot and sweaty, don’t forget us!