Live It Up Launch Party At Club Illusion

on January 27, 2016

Event Date: 22 January 2016
Event Location: Club Illusion

Happy 2016 everyone! We hope everyone is having a great start to this spanking new year, we know we sure did. Launching our brand new Live It Up membership program, we had a wild night at Club Illusion.

What is an Okamoto activation without our Okamoto Girls? Let's welcome the latest addition to the Okamoto squad - Michy!

Michy Okamoto Girl

Partnering with Michy is our favourite blonde - Lulu! Yes, that is her on Club Illusion's giant LED screen.

Live It Up LED Screen at Club Illusion

Celebrating the launch of our Live It Up membership program, we decided to give everyone a present for signing up that night, our Live It Up coaster! Can you tell what’s so special about our coaster? Let’s just say it’s a normal coaster by day, an emergency coaster by night (or whenever you need it)! *wink wink*

Okamtoo Live It Up coasters

Throughout the night, the performers at Club Illusion thrilled the audience with various songs and dances. They gyrate, twerk and even ballad to their listeners' hearts. There were even Korean dance numbers performed, as though we were at a K-Pop concert. Catch their performances in the video below. 

At the end of our performance, we had a lucky draw for our new sign ups. All members who signed up that night stood a chance to win a beer tower, courtesy of Club Illusion! How often do you see such a simple giveaway with no catch? That’s probably the closest you can get to free lunch beer in the world!

First Winner of Beer Tower

The energy level was really high at Club Illusion and as the crowd got more and more spontaneous, it was time to present our Okamoto condom sashes!

Yes, that’s right… CONDOM SASHES. Amazing what we can do with condoms, huh? :D

If you have not been to Club Illusion, it’s a culture at the club for its customers to buy ribbon sashes for performers whom they admire and appreciate. With Okamoto in the house, It's time to turn up the fun! When Lulu walked up to the stage with her arms full of condom sashes, you could hear loud gasps of disbelief and gleeful chuckles from the crowd.  


Illusion babes

Club Illusion had an enthusiastic and fun-loving crowd who wanted to show their appreciation for the performers and we’d like to think, for our very creative condom sashes! We bet it's the first of its kind!

After the condom sash presentation, we played a condom game with the crowd. What's an Okamoto event without a condom game, right? So to play the condom game, contestants had to blow an Okamoto condom balloon as big as they could… until the balloon burst! Wouldn't you like to try your hand (and mouth) at blowing a condom balloon? ;) The fastest contestant to blow the condom balloon till it burst would be the winner. Honestly, the contestants were apprehensive initially but as the game started, they were blowing with all their might!

Awesome rewards have been lined up for our contestants. First prize was a bottle of Martell VSOP while the second prize was a tower of beer, all supported by our official partner Club Illusion :D

Check out the video below to see the skills of these talented contestants!

With all the fun and laughter, we ended the night on a happy note with another lucky draw for a lucky member who signed up at our Live It Up Launch Party! Congratulations, dude!

Second Beer Tower Winner

We had great fun at Club Illusion and we hope all our members did as well. All thanks to our official partner, Club Illusion for their hospitality.

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