8 Condom Myths That We Need To Dispel

on August 03, 2017

Myths are everywhere, even condoms too. One might think it’s just a simple tool designed to prevent pregnancy, but don’t make up your mind until you read these.

  1. You don’t need a condom if you’re having oral sex.
    Other than preventing pregnancy, condoms also protect one from sexually transmitted infections (STI). If one often engages in any forms of sex, having some form of protection is safer for yourself and your partner. Like the famous saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”.

  2. Expired condoms, so what?

    Well if you didn’t know condoms do expire, now you do! It’s definitely somewhere on the packet. And don’t think using an expired one is better than none at all, because expired ones could break easily or cause rashes and irritation.

  3. Condom can be put on in the middle of sex, or right before ejaculation
    This is not only weird (imagine the look from your partner!) but it exposes you to STI. Pre-seminal fluids may transfer sexual infections and in some rare cases, may even lead to unwanted pregnancies. Always before, not after.

  4. The girl’s on pills, no condoms are needed.

    Having pills may reduce the chance of pregnancy, but it doesn’t prevent STI. Always be on the safe side and protect yourself and your partner.

  5. Any lube can be used with any condoms
    All Okamoto condoms are lubricated enough for comfortable use. In case one might need more lubrication, use water-based lubes instead of oil-based ones. Oil-based lubes contains solvents that will degrade latex.

  6. 2 condoms are better than 1

    We’re not at a supermarket carrying heavy items! Double-bagging condoms actually increase the chance of breakage due to friction. So always make sure you’re wearing one at a time. If it came off, open another pack and wear a new one.

  7. Store condoms anywhere

    Store condoms in cool dry place, but never expose condoms to extreme high or low temperatures. Even unopened condoms are best kept out of sunlight. Finally, if you’re the kind who keeps a condom in your wallet, be informed that friction from opening and closing wallets can cause them to deteriorate in quality.

  8. Sorry, I’m allergic to latex
    Sorry, this is no excuse still! There is really no reason to have unprotected sex. If you’re in need of non-latex condoms, 0.02 Hydro Polyurethane is your choice.

Content credit: The Times of India