7 Ways to Have Fun Over The Long Weekend

on August 29, 2017

What does it mean when a public holiday falls on a Friday? LONG WEEKEND!!! That should give you reason enough to celebrate. But instead of letting the long weekend go by just like every other boring weekend, how about you plan something exciting for you and your woman thing?

A hop and a skip away from Singapore lies an array of choice resort destinations to perfectly suit your lusty intentions. But you don’t have to go far to enjoy some romantic time getting to know each other better intimately. With more than 500 hotels on our little island, why not a staycation? And even on a budget, a search turned up about 30 hotels in Singapore that go for under S$150 per night – and we’re talking four-star quality no less! So don’t be lazy and do a search and book one already!

So there you are, the both of you in the room. Bouquet of her favourite flowers. Some candlelight room service. The clinking of wine glasses. Long, sensual strokes. You know where things are going. Good thing you read this guide on how best to shag the brains out of your woman everywhere in the hotel. And stocked up.


The Missionary

You know this one – woman lying on her back, man on top of her. But don’t diss it as a “basic” position. It’s also one that allows for great intimacy, literally heart-to-heart if you bend forward while doing it. This skin-to-skin closeness makes sex even tenderer, and provides great emotional connection between you two. And you know she’s gonna love that. What a great opportunity to reconnect! Aww.


The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

This one’s a real technique you’ll want to commit to memory because many women swear this position helps them orgasm! Get into missionary position, but move your body further up – instead of chest to chest, your chest will be nearer to her shoulders. Have her bend her legs and tilt her hips up – the main thing is to have your manhood always in constant contact with her clitoris. It’s not a thrusting position however, more like rocking forwards and backwards in a regular motion to stimulate her towards hopefully a mind-blowing orgasm!


The Cowgirl / Woman on Top

When your woman’s pleasure is of great importance, this position is exactly what the love doctor called for – on top! This puts her in perfect control, and allows her to take charge of the pace and depth of penetration. She also gets to rub her vulva and clitoris against you for greater pleasure. And come on, is there really anything hotter than watching your woman ride on you, pleasuring herself? You get to appreciate her hot body AND your hands are free to hold her hips or massage her boobs. We completely understand if this becomes your favourite position too!


The Spoon

The perfect position for awesome morning sex (skip the breakfast, this is better!). In fact, it’s one of those positions that’s great for having sex all day long. Comfy and lazy, you both don’t even have to be fully awake to enjoy it. Simply both lie on your sides, slide behind her, and insert. Getting the angle right is key, and then happy thrusting away! For an even greater sensation, try getting her to bend her top knee towards her chest, allowing you to go deeper and fuller into her. When you’re done, it’s also a great position in which to fall back asleep, and go at it again later! (What better way to make use of a 3D2N stay?!)


Couchsurfer / The Lazy Susan

We don’t know who Susan is, but it’ll work for whatever your sweetheartloverlady’s name is! All you need is a little couch or armchair in the room, have her bend forward over it, and you enter from behind. And this is a great move to tabao home too, because it’s good for quickies to add some spice to your love life outside the bedroom! Literally, you could do it anytime. Say she’s cooking in the kitchen – the kitchen counter is great for her to hold onto while you do her from behind while kneading her breasts. Say she’s watching tv – get her to bend over the side of the couch instead while you enter her while pressing her love button.


The Ballet Dancer / Get a Leg Up

Ever watch a movie where the two are kissing like crazy and then the man pushes her against the wall and has his way with her? Yeah, women call that a romantic movie. And that’s where this passionate position comes into play. But instead of the man being in charge, this position actually gives the woman more control over the thrusting action. Plus how hot is it to have a woman wrap her leg around your buttocks and pull you into her! Guess what, it’s perfect for outdoors too because you both get to keep most of your clothes on, and only remove what’s needed to get the job done. It’s probably best if you are of almost the same height, but that’s easily fixed if she stands on something. If her leg gets tired, be a gentleman and cradle it with your arm!


The Hug / H20HH

This is one of those that’s great for when you’re in a swimming pool – or sea or jacuzzi – and there’s absolutely no one around, and you’re feeling the hots for each other that even all that water isn’t enough to quell that hot passion! Your sexy mermaid basically hugs you while you hold her up (can you say thank god for this thing called natural buoyancy!). All this calls for is a little subtle shift of her swimwear that’s in your way, and voila! With your hands on her ass, you can dive deeper and deeper… That will cause the “0HH…” in “H20HH” by the way! ;)