5 Top New Year's Eve Party Spots in SEA

on December 19, 2017

New Year, new you – right? Then maybe before the resolutions come out and everyone tries to be the best version of themselves, let’s just all let loose and party like it’s still 2017? Indeed there’s probably no party like New Year’s Eve, because all the partygoers are a little drunk and high on the positivity that goes with the mantra “2018’s gonna be better!” And what gets sweeter than the ol’ tradition of counting down to New Year’s and the mandatory kiss that comes at the end?

For the best chances of grabbing someone to smooch counting down to 3-2-1, you best be somewhere out there and not in your pyjamas sitting on your couch watching reruns. What you need is at a happening party, and since it’s a holiday after all, why not pump up the adventure with an overseas party? Don’t worry bruh, we know the wallet situation. Here are some festive fun spots you can think about that are barely a skip and hop away from home so the flights won’t break the bank!

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Flight: ~$150)

Talk about partying big just close by! If you happen to be planning a short getaway this Christmas and KL is in your list of choices, head down to KLCC park and soak in the live performances by local and international artists. Everyone here sure knows how to party in style and glamour! The countdown party ends with a dazzling fireworks display with the stunning Petronas Towers in the background, a sight to behold indeed. And guess what, you can get an awesome view of the fireworks from any nearby hotel room facing the towers, giving you the perfect opportunity to snag a room and convince someone to join you in sharing that beautiful moment that you can then seal with a kiss.

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Koh Phangan, Thailand (Flight: ~$320)

You haven’t partied until you’ve Full Moon Party-ed, or so they say. Well, what could indeed be better than partying like crazy in paradise, amongst totally wasted revellers grooving and grinding to brain-numbing tracks? And thanks to cheap drinks in the buckets, you won’t be forking out much to have the best night of your life getting to smear glow paint all over sexy ladies. And if you haven’t partied enough, they’re not only doing a New Year’s Eve party on 31 December 2017, they’re also doing a New Year’s AFTER PARTY on 1 January 2018. Are you ready for it??

Hanoi, Vietnam (Flight: ~$250)

Even though the Vietnamese government has curtailed over-the-top fireworks displays in the whole country, it doesn’t mean that the Vietnamese people don’t know how to have a good time. In fact, in Hanoi they have not one, but two extravagant countdown parties featuring top international performers and DJs. Whether you end up at the Heineken Countdown Party near the Old Quarters night market, or the Bia Saigon Countdown Party in front of the Hanoi Opera House, you know you’re set for a party of a lifetime with spectacular visual lights displays and live music that will rock your flip flops off. And if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of venues to feed your club-hopping craving, all packed with pretty party people.

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Vang Vieng, Laos (Flight: ~$400)

Yeah, so there isn’t a really direct way of getting to Vang Vieng, but hey, decades ago, you couldn’t even get there unless by road or track. Vang Vieng may be a 4-hour bus trip from Luang Prabang where you fly into, but boy is it going to be worth it. There’s almost no point pointing out specific parties there, because the entire strip of tourist area in Vang Vieng is one huge ginormous party. You’ll find party peeps in every single bar, restaurant, club, heck even along the street. Vang Vieng truly is party central, so you can almost guarantee that countdown kiss with a hottie.

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Sihanoukville, Cambodia (Flight: ~$200)

This gorgeous party place is a 4-hour drive away from Phnom Penh, which itself has great NYE parties. But what a pity if you don’t take this opportunity to check out the night scene along the party beaches of Sihanoukville. This is where the tourists go to let loose after some very serious visiting of the Killing Fields and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. And believe us, Sihanoukville’s beaches (especially Serendipity Beach) is the ultimate party paradise at super low cost. Think dollar beers, and $4 restaurant meals. Whichever hostel you end up in, there’s plenty of chicks waiting to party into 2018 with you! And if you want some serenity, head to Otres Beach for some rest and relaxation… or hanky panky in peace?

So we’ve given you the places to head to, so you now know exactly where to scout out your girl to plant one on her at the stroke of midnight. And if it leads to something more, well, make sure you’re prepared (with the best performing products of 2017!). Here’s wishing you a sexy New Year’s Eve and Happy (Ending) New Year!