5 Things To Learn From 50 Shades Of Grey

on February 13, 2017

Christian Grey is nowhere close to being the ideal boyfriend. He’s a narcissistic, manipulative human being, but when it comes to shacking up in between the sheets, he certainly becomes the kind of man every woman dreams about. He’s dreamy, mysterious, and adventurous and he knows how to pleasure his girl. Here are 5 things you need to know about giving her more pleasure, the 50-shades-of-grey kind-of-way.


Compliments are the best form of flattery – and a great aphrodisiac

One thing Mr. Grey never fails to do, despite being a completely shady person otherwise, is putting his woman on a pedestal. He’s constantly complimenting her abilities and appearance, which rewards him tremendously each time.

If you want to pleasure your girl and cater to her fantasies the way Mr. Grey does, make it obvious that you feel lucky to be with her. Compliments are the best form of flattery, and as 50 Shades of Grey revealed, can also be a great aphrodisiac.

Compliments and condoms; they go hand-in-hand.


Turn her on without a single touch

It isn’t the wild BDSM and sexual fantasies that are the most shocking in 50 Shades of Grey. Instead, it’s the fact that the flame never seems to die between the two characters, something that quickly seems to die out for most of us in today’s modern dating world of swiping right for the perfect match.  So, how does Mr. Grey keeps his woman on her toes?

His appearance. Mr. Grey takes the time to look good for his girl, keeping her excited, stimulated and turned on. He dresses nicely, wears cologne, and keeps his chivalry on point. So, forbid the track pants once in a while and treat your woman to your sexy, chivalrous and promiscuous side.


Give her your undivided attention

In and outside of the bedroom, Mr. Grey always gives his woman all of his attention. He focuses on her; her pleasure, her body, her mind, her everything. There’s no other woman, there’s no flirting or looking elsewhere when another woman is in sight. He gives his undivided attention to his woman, and again, the rewards follow suit.

It’s not easy to find a man who is willing to go above and beyond in the attentive department, so be this man, and become incredibly desirable to your woman. Plus, feeling your eyes and lust is highly intoxicating, and she’ll crave you just as much as you do her.


A combination of pleasure, love and affection

While the 50 Shades of Grey series are mainly focused on the sexual side of their relationship, you will also see that Mr. Grey is equally loving and affectionate. He isn’t just practicing all kinds of BDSM on her whenever he gets the chance; he sees her as more than a sexual object. When he isn’t spanking, blindfolding, flogging or tying his girl up, he’s holding her, adoring her and showing her plenty of affection. This is the secret to optimal pleasure that many men overlook. Oh, and a great set of cool, tingling sensation condoms also help.


Be decisive and take control

If there’s one way to describe Mr. Grey, it’s that he is decisive. While he’s willing to be vulnerable at times, he is also just as sure of who he is and what he wants and that’s what makes him so desirable.

When he wants to try something new with his woman in between the sheets, he does. Of course, with consent, but he decides to go after what he wants sexually and women find this sort of control irresistible.

So amongst the hype for the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, don’t miss the point. It’s not just a movie that speaks to your girl’s fantasies. It’s also the ultimate guide for men looking to take their skills to the next level. 50 Shades of Grey teaches you how to become her fantasy.

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