5 Things to Check Off On Your Bucket List

on December 28, 2016

Put down the virtual reality headset, and grab several packs of condoms. Life is too short to let it pass on by, and the ladies are waiting for some excitement.  As a guy living what are supposed to be the best years of your life, it’s time to break up with technology and actually enjoy everything life has to offer – and of course, that includes the girls.

Turn 2017 into a year you will be proud of. Amp up the excitement in your life. Increase your social circle, nights out on the town, girls, bars, pubs – you name it. Here are the 5 things every man should have on his bucket list for 2017.


Get the Girl in Real Time

These swipe-left and swipe-right hookup apps are convenient, but they really take the fun out of the whole chase. As a man, you like the challenge that comes with meeting women, and modern technology has truly made it too easy to get girls. Not that we’re complaining, but let’s try something new in 2017.

Make it a goal to actually get out into the real world to meet real girls, the real way. Leave the smartphone in your pocket (don’t forget your condoms too) and check out the local cafes, events and nightclubs. Don’t use an app to meet girls the easy way. The chase is officially on, and as a man, you’ll appreciate the prowl.


Finally Learn How to Unhook a Bra with One Hand

To some, unhooking a bra with one hand is simple, but for most guys, it’s one hell of a challenge. So, make it a goal in 2017 to finally learn how to effortlessly unhook a bra with one hand. The benefits are obvious!


Join the Mile High Club

Every bucket list needs some sort of travel itinerary on it, but this one is unlike any other. Instead of telling you where to travel, when to travel and with whom to travel with, this bucket list idea is all about the process of traveling. Although, having a female as your travel companion will make this task much easier to check off.

Forget about snakes on a plane, Samuel L. Jackson. It’s all about something else on a plane this year. The Mile High Club is going to give you the best high in life. 


Do Something You’d Never Do Otherwise

2016 was fun, but 2017 can be better. You just have to break out of your shell and do something completely out of your character. If you’re a cool, confident guy who’s downtown drinking brews with the guys every weekend, trade in the club for some tickets to a wild sumo wrestling events. If you’re typically shy, attend improve acting classes. If you’re afraid of heights, go snowboarding down Japan’s infamous alps. If you’re used to wearing basic, boring condoms, try the new 003 COOL Condoms that’ll send all kinds of new and exciting sensations in between the sheets.

Whatever it is, try something new and be cool in 2017. Put yourself in unique situations, and meet awesome people (including girls) that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. At the very least, you’ll have one hell of a story to tell.


Spend an Uncomfortable Amount of Money on Yourself

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so this bucket list idea can be a little harder to achieve. But it’s nothing some extra work ethic or budgeting can’t solve. You spend so much money on other people throughout the year. From the holidays to Valentine’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions, it’s hard to find the funds to splurge on yourself. In 2017, we are going to change that.

Start the year off on a budget and set aside some money every month. Anything counts, so don’t worry if you can’t put away a significant amount. Then, when you’re not feeling so cool, or are ready to take your A-Game to the next level, spend that money on improving yourself. Buy a dapper suit and get it tailored, buy those shoes you’ve always wanted, hire that personal trainer. Whatever it is, invest in yourself and the rewards (and the ladies) will follow.


If you’re ready to make 2017 your year, this is the bucket list to follow. Grab your Okamoto condoms because there’s no denying you’ll need them.