5 Valentine's Day Non-Gift Ideas For Her

on February 09, 2018

February 14! Is the date firmly circled in your calendar but as the day fast approaches you find yourself sweating balls trying to find the perfect gift for your girl?

Any girl would love flowers and chocolates, but let’s be honest here and steer clear away from the done and dead gift ideas. If your girl isn’t into the Prada Chanel material things of this world, then it’s safe to say that a non-gift pressie will get you into her good books (and something else, ahem) this V-day!

Cooking for the foodie chick

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a plate of home cooked nommies might seal the deal with your foodie chick! You could make breakfast and serve it to her in bed. You could cook a splendid meal for her and dine in candlelight. You could even prepare all the ingredients and then the both of you cook a meal together. You could lay out a mat and have a picnic in the middle of your home. And then just to up the excitement if you guys are game for it, do all the above – buck naked.

Treasure hunt for the romantic lady

Why isn’t there an advent calendar for other occasions besides Christmas? Why not leave little things lying around the house where she can slowly find them in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t have to be presents. What about a doodle of her, love poems, a polaroid picture of you both, a heartfelt love letter, “I Love You” in different languages, or even lame and silly things like a box of band aids with the words “I’m stuck on you!” or replace the label on her favourite drink with a printed label that says “Love Potion No. 9”. Don’t do a twist on Alice in Wonderland and put a label on your member that says “Suck Me” though. We wouldn’t advise that!

Sexy shoot for the daring lover

Couples boudoir photos are all the rage now. Couples seem to be putting on their daring personas and losing – some of, or even all – their clothes for sexy photo shoots that capture their passion and connection. Think of it as engagement or pre-wed photos but with a naughty edge. It’s a sensual and lasting way of capturing the feelings and emotions you share with your lover. Just make sure it’s tastefully done – and if you’re printing a photo book, make sure to hide it from prying eyes!

Glow-in-the-dark for the adventurous girl

Glow-in-the-dark can be so fun in so many ways. There’s glow sex dice, glow underwear, glow swimwear (but why, when you can go skinny dipping eh!). But now there’s this new thing that’s so fun it’ll have her clapping with excitement. Glow. Paint. Each. Other. No kidding, it’s just like art jamming but with your other half as a canvas! What could be better than brush-stroking your loved one in colours that gleam under black light?

Something she’ll love for sure for your one-and-only sweetheart

Honestly though, one of the best ways to show your girl you love her is *drumroll* …by listening to her. What does she say, what is she hinting at, what has she revealed to you that she, guaranteed 100%, will love? If she’s been achy lately, gift her a couple’s spa day. If she’s been complaining about working too hard, how about tickets for a relaxing getaway? It might be a tiny bit of sacrifice on your part, but now’s the perfect timing to arrange a night in with popcorn and cocktails and a marathon of her favourite chick flicks she absolutely has to watch once a year.

So promise us you’ll skip the tacky “Coupon for Love” or even worse, a mall gift certificate, and shower her with some non-gift ideas this Valentine’s? Just… don’t get her a gym membership if she asks, “Do I look fat?” Nobody can bail you out of that one!