5 Best Global Party Venues for Singles

on November 10, 2016

It’s time to live it up across the globe! With sexy singles and wild parties happening all over the world, there’s no reason any man should limit his partying to his hometown. There are plenty of epic party destinations that attract all kinds of young, singles each year. So forget about the family resorts and other destinations that don’t appeal to your lifestyle and travel desires. Book a trip to one of these party destinations, and you’re in for a hot, steamy and wild vacation. Don’t forget to #bringokamoto because on this trip, you’ll need them!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil During Carnival

If you’re looking for a good time accompanied with gorgeous girls, look no further than Rio de Janeiro. Every February, this party destination hosts the world’s biggest carnival, which brings approximately 2 million hitting the streets with a drink in hand. Carnival is highly recognized for bringing tourists a flock of beautiful girls, booty shaking, amazing music, delicious drinks, divine food and ultimately, one hell of a wild time. So, if you’re going to go to Rio de Janeiro, February is the prime time to book a trip.


Koh Phangan, Thailand for the Full Moon Party

When in Thailand, grab some neon clothes and glow sticks because the infamous Full Moon party is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Drink booze out of buckets, dance with fire and listen to various DJs and genres of music as you frolic in the sand with some babes. The Full Moon parties are a hot spot for young singles, and it’s a party that lasts all night. The fun never stops if it’s a full moon on this Thailand island. Just be sure to book your trip accordingly to the moon’s schedule to get the most out of this party destination.  


Ibiza, Spain for a Full Night of Partying

With famous musicians like Mike Posner singing about the parties in Ibiza, you really can’t go wrong with this party destination. Ibiza is a beautiful island just off the east coast of Spain, and it’s a place where the party goes on well throughout the night. With the world’s most famous DJs taking over this hot spot, young singles simply can’t seem to get enough of Ibiza.


Miami, Florida for Wild Beach Parties


There’s something different about Miami’s nightlife that simply can’t be found anywhere else. This Florida city is packed with stunning women looking for a good time, and the hot sandy beaches make it the perfect place for partying. Miami has made its way into many famous musicians’ lyrics because of the wild fun, gorgeous weather, great scenery and even better women. This is one party destination that is always popping, so no matter what time of year you want to travel, Miami will deliver.


Montreal, Quebec for the Weekend

There’s a common misconception that nothing can be found in Canada, and while that may be true to some Northern cities, the same can’t be said about Montreal. This Canadian city has 6 universities, and with that comes plenty of young singles looking to dive into amazing nightlife every weekend.  This party destination thrives throughout the week, but on the weekends, it’s a whole new ballgame as the students take to the streets to let off some steam. Montreal has just as many clubs and bars as it does stunning young singles, and it’s a party experience that you’re bound to never forget.

All you really have to pack is your passport and #bringokamoto because a trip to any of these party destinations promises one hell of a good time.