10 Of The Dirtiest Memes Out There

on May 02, 2019

Memes are going viral these days, for good reason; they are relatable, witty and just plain outrageously funny. A winning combination of image and statement, no topic or genre can’t be made iconic by turning it into a meme. With that being said, here are some of the top 10 memes we’ve found floating around the Internet, ready to catch the unassuming reader by chance and eliciting laughter in the boardroom during meetings (we can only pray your boss doesn’t find out what you’re reading).


For all these thirsty girls out there, we applaud you


When you openly admit what you love


When your girl loves her sashimi too much


When you keep your options open


When the Freudian Slip kicks in


When you aren’t sure what your name really means


How boys are like when they get together


Busting the “cops don’t have humor” stereotype

Via necrosis47


When humble bragging isn’t your strongest suit

Via necrosis49


Common first date faux pas

Via necrosis49


It’s important to inject a dose of humour in our lives every now and then, and the best things are always found lurking around the Internet. Combining the two, and you get the most dank memes out there. Share this article with your friends and spread some laughs all through. 😂